navratri ghagra choli

Submitted by riya_mrv on Sat, 10/29/2011 - 14:27
I guess I am already late for this but thought I will just let u all see it..
By the way my daughter doesnt qualify as she is not completed even a year! Sorry! that i couldn't resist putting up this snap.
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Hi Riya, nice to see your baby here! Yes, she is late, but this was a Navaratri invite, and what does anyone do when ever we are late for anyone's house during Navaratri? We open the door and pull you in with a big bear hug! :)
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Oh riya...she stole my heart...she stole my biggy-wiggy heart....hahaha...gorgeous cutie pie she is...thank u for sharing ur doll here...btw what is her name..:)
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Wow, so cute, Ria. What is her name?
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Riya dear, I am so glad you put up this cute photo for us to enjoy and lata dear, thank you for your graciousness dear. We absolutely love this sweet looking cutie in a beautiful dress.
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malar mugaththil iru karuvandu-ivalo manadhil amarndhu vitta poochendu ivalin imaikkadha iruvizhigal-yengal idhayam thirudivitta malar kanaigal.
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kutti kanamma is choooo sweet.
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Very cute and lovely chubby baby ria...A big thanks for sharing this with us...
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Wow!! So cute!!! little princess!!
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Thanks for ur lovely comments everyone! My baby's name is Vaishnavi.
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Congratulations on being the best dressed baby girl! You look fabulous in your orange and green outfit. A big 'thank you' to the proud parents for sending their Kanya to our virtual home for the Navaratri celebrations! We'll email you shortly about the Navaratri Kanya-goody bag. :)
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