Best dressed girl in Navarathri Lehenga/Gaghra choli, or, Pattu pavadai.

Submitted by Anisha Raghunath on
Prachi,my neighbour is five years old, she is dressed up for playing garba in our society. The red chaniya choli she is wearing is been stitched by her mother herself.....hope u like the way i dressed her...!!!!
Very cute girl...d dress is so nice anisha....convey my wishes to her...:)
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Anisha dear, Prachi looks like a total princess, very very beautiful and pretty. Regards to her and her mother was stitching such a wonderful outfit.
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So beautifully dressed Prachi in red chaniya choli...looks very cute. all the best.
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veena manigandan
Red choli looks glittering and nicely stitched.
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Very pretty dress. Beautiful princess!
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paLapaLakkum udai pada padakkum imai paravasa mootum sirippu parththu rasithom naangal.
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She looks like a pricess in this red attire. So cute.
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Congratulations on being the best dressed girl Prachi! You look fabulous in your mom-made red outfit! A big 'thank you' to the neighbor-aunt for posting and to the proud parents for sending their Kanya to our virtual home for the Navaratri celebrations! We'll email you shortly about the Navaratri Kanya-goody bag. :)
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