Darbar-2011 :)

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Hello all , I have attached our golu snaps :) 1st Step- Saraswathi, Annapoorani, Lakshmi along with Astalakshmi 2nd Step - Guhan with Ramar & Ramar Pattabishekam 3rd Step - dasa-avatharam 4th Step - Krishna Leela / Guruvayurappan /Meenakshi 5th Step - Jodi sets gifted for our wedding Other than that , We had a seperate collections of Lord Krishna in side of our regular Padi . A little town with parks/zoo/exhibition/hill-temple/ a small village
Well arranged golu. All the best for the contest.
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Neat and sweet golu...all d best:)
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Beautifully arranged Golu. Very neat and clean. I liked those add-ons, hill / park etc etc. All the best and Keep it up.
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Radhikha 3
nice arrangement ..especially I loved those dolls in last step , Radhakrishna and vennai thaali krishna.. all the best..
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Anisha Raghunath
nice golu.....all the best...!!!!
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very nice arrangement of your golu... beautiful krishnan, and the theme of "parks/zoo/exhibition/hill-temple/ a small village " all the best...
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Pretty. I liked the krishna dolls a lot.
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Beautifully decorated golu. Nice idea to showcase different forms of Krishna. Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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Thank u lakshmi for participating...hope to see an even grand golu next yr...:)
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