Navarathri Golu-1

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Hi, I,am attaching 2 pics of my golu at my home in Newyork. It has 7 steps with dolls. I made a castle and created a Disney world parade. Also next to it is a Kalyana Mandabam with the wedding set. I decorated the Kuttuvilakku like a Devi. Hope you enjoy it. Waiting for your comments.Thanks. Anu
beautiful kolu.looks very nice...All the best
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veena manigandan
Castle and carrom set is cute.
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Beautiful arrangement...very neat...all d best:)
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Very neat arrangement of the golu. Nice castle decor and kalyana set. All the best for the contest.
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Wow, very nice Golu arrangement. i liked that Carrom set very much. So cool. Nice creativity of Disney land. The marraige celebration set also looks so nice. All the best and keep it up.
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Nice arrangements. The topmost wall decoration by leaflike wall hanger is very attractive. The villakku decoration is nice. viji
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Thanks everyone for your comments
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Nice arrangements. I like the Disney Parade theme. This is the first time I am seeing a carrom set.
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Suguna Murugesan
nice golu! devi alankaram is super! so cute wedding set! all the best!
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Bright and beautiful. All the best.
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Anisha Raghunath
very nice golu...the children playing carrom n disney world n kalyana mandapam is lovely....!!all the best...!!!!
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beautiful golu setting... thalaiyatti poommai is cute one... small tiny rangoli., cute kutti vennai thirudum krishna.... then Disney Parade theme is wonderful... best of luck.
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Wonderful arrangement. I am fascinated by the disneyland decoration. Can we have a closer look at those if possible.
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Very nice Disney theme shown in the golu. Some unique pieces that I noticed in your golu; the couple dressed in sky-blue color, the family playing board game, the stack of maroon pots, and ofcourse the lamp dressed as Devi. Very nicely decorated Golu indeed! Someone in your family must like icecream a lot. :0 Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali.
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