Dotted Kolam

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This rangoli was drawn by our servant and coloured by me. Your views pls...

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam


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Lovely kolam and nice cols chosen padma...d centre flower adds so much charm to d whole kolam....

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Wow, kolam has been nicely drawn by your servant and is been beautifully coloured by you. Nice partnership. Was it drawn using chalk.


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Thank you RAni, @Maha - Its rangoli powder only but the powder is somewhat wheatish in colour.

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very different coloring

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Superb Padma, nice colouring and i liked the checked design inside the flowers.

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Nice colouring and good color combination!!
I like the blue, pink and flourescent green combo with checks.
- PadmaKarthik

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Very nice Padma, give ur servant my regards and very good coloring as well.

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lovely stars and beautiful coloring style..

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eVry nice colors and the kolam is also done very neatly.

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Thank you Uma, Nithya, Padma, Pushpa, Julien, Bala and Rajushree. I will convey to my servant.

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wow padma very beautiful kolam n lovely colouring ! suguna murugesan

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What a great drwng and what a great colouring padma .Hats of to u and your girl .it looks like printed design i could not believe my eyes dear

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Very cute kolam and very nice colouring

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Thank u Suguna, Rekha and Vani.

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nice colour combo and neat decorations padma mam.

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pretty collabrative work...thanks for sharing

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A very beautiful joint venture...color choice is very good padma. Thanks for liking my pookolams and all of them were drawn as a free hand before filling with the flowers ...not as a kolam using dots.