Indianised ships - Let us go on a cruise

anirudh Mon, 08/29/2011 - 23:24
Suguna Murugesan
wow i like the ships so cute. lovely fishes n turtiles!- suguna murugesan
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wow,, very detailed and enriching,,, i remember such ships in old black and white films,,,
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Wow...anirudh...even if u r late in joining us u have come with d latest design....thanks for sharing such a wonderful creation.....
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what a verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy big ships, the golden fishes are very beautiful.... wonderful art.... A.Julien
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wonderful work anirudh sir. Lata mam, everybody has forgot the main underwater item "Pearls" anirudh has reminded us. and the peacock type boat ahaaaa...what an idea..reminds me of old tamil film duet songs...he he
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I'm so glad you could find the time to participate. Absolutely wonderful and so royal! I especially enjoyed the rich colors of these beautifully made ships. Even the turtles look like they are meant to belong to a "royal" sea. :) Yes Vasanthi, it is fun to notice that none of us (ladies) remembered to make a pearl! :0 I mean aren't pearls supposed to one of womens favorite jewelry? :0
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Anirudh, wonderful work. The peacock boat its decorations, the sea water with lovely creatures all so beautifully captured by you. Thanks for this art work. rajamma
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wow, wonderful work anirudh.Thanks for finding time and share it.
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Wow!!! Mesmerising beauty this kolam is!!! Admired the lovely presentation and the care taken to present the elements so perfectly. Romantic fishes, soft turtles, the oysters with pearls and above all the antique look ships/boats are created with utmost perfection.
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Anirudh, amazing work done by you. The ships look so royal. I definitely want to have a ride on this. Also the other sea creature looks very pretty. Hats off to u. Mahalakshmi
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thanks soo much..... all are welcome to board these ships :) haha....about pearls....they are the beautiful & perfect for gifts fetched from deep sea by men to present to was men who wandered in these ships to unearth the treasures inside sea in old stories they caught my attention :)
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Wow, wonderful never seen a rangoli like this
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Ammu,vasanthi,lax,malaxmi,uma ,lata ,july ,push, padma,suba ,sudha ,radhika ..rajam come fast Lets go for fishing no dear pearls churaving from our anirudhs Royal sea ...Tell me frankly what is hiddden in these ships dear so that we can to ..... Marvelous work dear .Hats off to u
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
suguna,sowmya ,nithya please join us
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
suguna,sowmya ,nithya please join us
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thanks so much rekhaji....yes pls join us and explore the treasure...btw, you can pick as much as you can carry :-) we are having pretty good time onboard :-)
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