free hand rangoli

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pretty mesmerizing flowers. shining in front of my uncle's house..

Rangoli: free hand rangoli


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hope u ppl will enjoy-யமுனா

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Yes, this is a lovely rangoli, drawn well and colored bright.

I do have a question; did you or someone you knew took this picture? I remember seeing this picture in another site too. And I wanted to know the same about another rangoli from your gallery also

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beautiful flowers.

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s my uncle took this picture, b4 knowing about this ikolam website, my aunty published it for 3 other sites.. for our friends i upload this rangoli- yamuna

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beautiful flower rangoli.


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Thanks for your response Yamuna. You see, I spotted this picture from a Photographer's collection, in a popular pictures-site. Sometimes, when images get posted in multiple places, the original owners start contacting me, if and when they find their work under someone else's name. Smile

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lovely flowers gives an elegant look. colours are really nice.

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ok mam.. i too know sum ppl play lik this.. no probs-yamuna

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All the colorful flowers are smiling at me!