Dotted Kolam

I like how you've decorated this kolam at the bottom. Gives it sort of a modified chariot look. I enjoy looking at all your kolams, Vasanthi. :)
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Awesome creation sad...miss u in d commenting section pa.....think u r busy with ur office works....atleast make sure to just have a look at our kolams pa...that itself is more than enough.....
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beautiful colour combination vasanthi , is it colour chalk? as usual a perfect kolam dear.
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Suguna Murugesan
wow awesome dear!-suguna murugesan
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Vasanthi, i love your strokes, very neat and lovely colouring. The flower design is beautiful.
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Vasanthi mam your sikku kolam Nachinu Irukku.... the bottom design, and then four heartin flower so cute... h r U... last few days why u r not come.... A.Julien
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looks like a flower vase,, what a divine atmosphere u have created vasanth,, i would like to have a chat with u near that kolam
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Padma Prakash
Your fusion kolam is very beautiful and the bottom design has given a look of a bouquet with sikku kolam as flower. Very neat execution of chalk kolam. Even I love to draw kolam with chalk as we get more control of strokes.
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Awesome!mesmerizing kolam dear .Hats off to u
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Looks like a print beautiful and perfect.
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adada vasanthi, why you locked your ability? pl show it to us now and kolam?very beautiful coloring.
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seethalakshmi suresh
Wow Vasanthi, u are a great artist.. Ur kolam is dancing with joy.. Lovely work
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Wow, Vasanthi, beautiful sikku kolam dear. I liked the free hand decoration done at the bottom of the kolam. Nice work. Mahalakshmi
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thank a lot lata mam for your wonderful comments. I really value it mam. and also feeling very happy that your personal touch (encouraging comments) in all our works mam. thank you all dear friends for your wonderful comments. Dear Friends, Since I was put in a mission in our office i could not log in for a few days. But it seems to me that I miss you all for a such a long long time friends. Rani mam, suguna mam, Julien, maha, suba, uma, sowmya mam, nithya mam, Dr. Ji, Seethalaksmi mam I really owe your friendship dears.
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