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I missed navarathri , so I am posting my Golu , theme was Adishankaracharya, I tried to create Tunga river and Sringeri . Adi Shankara established his first Mutt in Sringeri since a snake gave shelter to a pregnant frog from the scorching sun (two opposite forces of nature) and I tried to depict it. I couldnt find a snake so had to make it out of playdough.

Dotted kolam
navrathri 2010
Rangoli: navarathri theme


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Nice theme with river thunga with tortoise and fish in it. The dolls are so cute.

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Very nice theme.


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Lovely theme and nice effort dear...

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difrnt theme

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Nice implementation of the story.

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Thanks for all your comments.

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nice theme with river and Acharyas...only missing is Goddess should have kept the picture/ idol of the Goddess, which would have made it more appealing ...nice small rangoli in plate...thanks for sharing.

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Yes, playdough is lot of fun. I miss those days Smile
Good depiction of the theme. Kolam looks good.

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very nice ganga. this is gud one

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lovely depiction of Adi Sankarar with his disciples....neat work..

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lovely theme.....

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Nice theme with cute and simple rangoli on plate.

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Regards! - mOhana

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so nice kolam and theme.

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The concept, explanation, implementation, arrangement - all are good.

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so cute Smile