Thambulam pouches

srichak Tue, 08/23/2011 - 13:05

wow really really very very nice....pouches....chaaala challla chaala bagunnayie........if u dont mind can i take yellow pouch in 2nd row.....nice creativity......
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Wow, Sridevi, beautiful ones. If u don't mind, can you please give a step by step procedure for making this thamboolam bag. Mahalakshmi
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So Rani mam, have u started off with the second round kolams, i expect to see loads and loads of them from u dear, eagerly waiting for them
Tue, 08/23/2011 - 22:39 Permalink

Yes da just one i did yesterday and today thinking of doing one maiden rangoli on water...haha...just one tiny-weeny fish swimming without its pair...haha...thats all that plate can hold...eppudiii
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Suggu...freehand aah...appuram paarunga...sadhaaranama oru freehand floral design pottuttu suthilum borderle aah pottuduven...haha(i will do one ordinary freehand flower rangoli as usual but border it with lots of fishe designs...)...haha
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Hey push just give a try...shd call laksh and ask her about this as she has experience in doing rangoli under-over water and all....
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Ya Rani mam, she had demonstrated it during the ikolam meet here pa, i was at the back and yeti yeti paathitirundhe, y is laks not joining us pa, we miss her
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Haha...suggu funny pa...laksh veetle again guests and shopping it seems...only recently she returned from her mom's house and now guests..
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Sorry sorry...i felt somehow to ask for something pa...ok...thoda nylon pdr and those balls thats all....u also let me know other than sand mixed col pdrs what u want from trichy kavi or that choco-brown kavi which we get in chennai...
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Yenna idhu chinna pulla thanama irruku yen kitta keke yenna somewhat gimwhatana ... actually i got that brownish kaavi pa as u might have seen in my recent kolams. It was a powder which i mixed along with kolapodi and use. So just good bright readymade colors which i need not mix with kolapodi will do dear. See must be like me so bindas i am asking u what i want. Neego yennana
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Ok..ok...done...myself and bala have decided to go to parry's corner for purchase in a day or two....i'll let u know pa....
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Ok pa do let me know... how i really hope she comes to my place pa but the problem is the place she is staying is very very far from my place. That is the only reason i feel bad for her. I am eagerly looking forward. Do let me know dear.
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Ya i don't know how she is going to contact u...i have asked her to meet u in a railway station atleast (if u could go)if she finds it difficult to come over to ur place...have to ask her what she has decided....
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Ya Rani mam, i had already spoken with my hubby regarding this that i would go and meet her at the station if she is finding it difficult to find my place, it would really seem better that way but then i would really love to have her come over to my place as well but dont want to trouble her in any way.
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There is time left pa....let she decide.....only next week na....let us see....but i think we shd not miss this chance to exchange our precious-o-precious items....haha
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Yes pa more than me getting the colors, i want to send u the items u asked. U never gave me the address inspite of me asking u so many times. Hmm i guess u got scared where i will land up at ur place and stay with u and eat all ur goodies and learn all ur trade secrets of making lovely kolams... correcta??? :P
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ammuchandhini secrets aah...hilarious i doing some international business or what...haha...thaangaleppa....if u come to my house na...u will find papers and papers scattered all over with d same kolam ...then rangoli pdrs kinnams(catori) all over my verandah...haha....
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I forgot to add that...haha...ammu's school records r the ones in which i have pasted my huge huge books...
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Arre yaar u don't need to carry it all along...u can capture all d kolams in ur mobile or camera na...its easy...hehe
Tue, 08/23/2011 - 23:23 Permalink

Oru secret pa, i am very bad at remembering things, seriously no jokes. U tell me something today and i will forget it tomorrow. My hubby keeps teasing me dont forget me someday :)
Tue, 08/23/2011 - 23:25 Permalink

Or rather should i presume he is saying please forget me he he so that he will get rid of me, ok this i was joking ok
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