Thambulam pouches

srichak Tue, 08/23/2011 - 13:05
Bye dear and bye suguna...nice talking to u to go and finish of d cooking....
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Thanks Swathi, Suguna,Mahalakshmi,Rani,Vijayasowmya for your nice comments. Swathi , you can take whichever one your want. These pouches are made of stock cards ( normally used for making greeting cards). You can use chart paper also. There is no particular procedure for making this pouches. Cut the paper/cloth fold it and glue the sides, decorate according to imagination. Thanks once again for lovely comments. Sridevi
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do we get these stock cards in regular paper stores?
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Uma , I don't know about India, but here is USA You can get any craft stores/walmart etc.... Even you can use felt cloth for this project. Sridevi.
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Stock cards are card stock paper which may be a bit more thicker and sturdier than chart paper available in India. Stock cards come in various precut sizes, colors, and textures. They are commonly used to make greeting cards, name cards as placeholders, and invitations. Here is a site you can check out for some basic idea and also order if you like. They are a bit to the expensive side, though. :)
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very nice pouches..Loved them. Hats off to ur creativity.
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