Turtle Kolam

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About Turtle Kolam : PRINT

THis is my first submission for the Cruise event. This is turtle kolam with 21 - 11 intermediate dots. As I'm unable to do it on floor(can make only during weekends, I'm uploading my paper version. Got this design from my collection (thru web browsing) and have modified a little. Please let me know ur views and comments.

Dotted kolam
let's go on a cruise
Rangoli: Turtle Kolam


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woooow lovely turtile koam maha! awesome!-suguna murugesan

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i am seeing turtles first only in your kolam, wooooooooooooooooow very neat creation Maha.

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Beautiful smiling turtles maha....lovely creation pa....

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wow, this is excellent dear,, maha hats off 2 ur creativity

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Very happy to see smiling turtles...I think they are also enjoying us with them in the cruise....

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Wow, Maha, lovely combination of sea creature. i like the inner design and also the fish and smiling turtle. Beautiful presentation and superb

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Thanks a lot Suguna, Bala, Rani, Uma, Sowmya and Nithya.

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Fantastic turtle and fish kolam dear please make it on floor with colours it woll look lovely dear

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Wow maha dear very beautiful turtile creation... it's looks more beautiful.... the size, and the shape then cute kutti kutti fishes....

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Maha dear superb one, Lata I agree with you wholeheartedly when u said i will change my mind when I see maha's creation. This is too good, I love the cute cute turtles.

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Thanks a lot Dr Rekha (let me see if I can do it on floor), Julien and Pushpa. My work is nothing dear as compared to yours.


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Wonderful kolam Maha. The 3D turtle's are looking very nice Maha.

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Thanks Padma.


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Turtile in Kolam super.Lovely design

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really fantastic smiling turtles........nice.... neat..... clear........

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Thanks a lot Ananthi & Swathi.


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Quite nice turtles. Pretty dotted appearance! You know, the mascot of the Univ of Maryland is a turtle. In the quadrangle, they have a big metallic turtle. Rubbing it and appearing for examinations is supposed to ensure success Smile So you must be very successful Smile I too have a turtle tesselation somewhere. I'll upload it soon.

Regards! - mOhana

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My smile was as wide as the ones seen on these newly minted turtles, when I first saw them. Smile
I don't remember seeing a dotted turtle kolam ever, anywhere, Maha. I'm so happy we now have one, a big one, in our site. Yay! Smile

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Thanks a lot JKM sir and Lata for your encouraging comments. Pleasure is mine. Lata. on seeing your comments, I'm also having a wide smile like these turtles.

JKM sir, it too have a small metallic turtle in my showcase. Somebody gifted it to me. Thanks for your information and wishes JKM sir. I still have four more papers to complete my Chartered Accountancy course. Let me also rub that turtle and go for exam next time.


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superb....pretty smiley turtles

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Thanks Anirudh for your sweet comments.