Pullikkolam with design.

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This kolam I have put in paper,since I do not have a front yard big enough to put. I like this type of chikkal kolam with dots put in design.( you can make out the dot count by seeing).Any takers to try with podi?

Rangoli: Pullikkolam with design.


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Umm, maybe I should make room for one more "kolam of the week"! Smile
Border is also very beautiful.

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Very nicely done with Neel around!

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Simply outstanding and different from everyday kolams. I am a note-book Kolam-er too. One of these days, I am going to scan my meeting-creations and send them to Lata. I would vote 'Kolam of the week' for this one along with Lata.


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We look forward to your meeting creations Smile

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Rajamma first I think I will do it on the computer before I try my hand at kolapodi..... I think I have the same kolam in my book - let me see... Neatly done...

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So I finally kept my word na Rajam - I made it on the computer. Next let me see it I can find time to make it with kolapodi Smile