Ganesha Bandhaa!

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In our office our kolam loving group used to put colorful rangoli with Ganesha, every year during Vinayaka chathurthi. This design was put by me and coloring was done by all friends.

Rangoli: Ganesha Bandhaa!


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Ganesha looks cute! I think I've seen this border in some of your rangolis. The pattern and the coloring is pretty.

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Madam ganesha bandhaa kaaikadubu thindhaa...channagi idhe nimma ganesha rangavalli.

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Lata, Ganesha kannile oru chinna mistake theriyudhaa?

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Madam, the eyes are looking in different directions. But I only noticed it after you mentioned about the mistake, the ganesha is so cute, one would hardly notice any mistakes Smile

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This Ganesha is looking so innocent.