Sikku Kolam - 100

Wow.......... Excellent expressions.................. really i enjoy in real.......... lovely kolam in chikku.... congrats...... veni mam......... A.Julien
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congratulation veni .I am unable to see images.I will come here later to congratulate with poem.
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Beautiful chikku kolam Veniji. Congratulations for your achievement.
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CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING 100!! Your perfect kolams have always been and will be an inspiration to all of us. We look forward for more and more from you!!
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WOW...I am not going to any other page for some time....such a beautiful and neat execution veni....congrats for all ur wonderful kolams and I am lucky to be ur neighbour....congrats again....
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Padma Prakash
Congrats Veni for reaching your target of 100 sikku kolams. The kolam is marvellous. Such a huge creation with perfect strokes and symmetry. Well done dear. Thank you for all the kolams which you have given us and for the joy we experienced. I am copying this for the rememberance.
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muththaana kolam idhu mudhal nooru kolam idhu neela niraththil amaindhadhu manadhil neengaadha idam pidiththadhu sikkal kolangalai sikkal illamal podum venikku oru jay koduhalal kolam pottu kolakkalaiyai valarkkum venikku jay niththam oru kolam nilaththil pottu saththamillamal indru sadham adithtu vitteergal idhu polay pala sadhangal neengal adiththu idhu polay sadhanaigal neengal pala padaiththida ikolam membergal anaivar sarbilum naan ungalai vendugiren, vazhththugiren.
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wow C O N G R A T S! Veni mam. you are a real CHIKKU KOLAM QUEEN, what a neat and steady strokes and casual drawing...Hats off to you...Wish you to do thousand and thousands of kolam mam. Lata mam, very nice effect you have given for this century kolam...super...
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!,beautiful kolam.Veni ma'm.
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Manadhai allum/ killum kolam! blue with lavender tinch.... my favourite colors. I enjoyed the kolam very much and the spl. effect Lata is conferring on it. Congrats once again for the marvelous work done by you all these days to acheive this. rajamma
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"SPEECHLESS"....Eyes full of tears. Thank you all for ur wishes.
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Hearty congratulations wishes for quick second century. This kolam very excellent with the blue lining multiplying its beauty many times. Simply superb!
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veni, we imagine you are standing on your kolam .very nice effect lata.Thank you veni and lata.
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thank u veni thank u very much for this kolam dear.
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Suguna Murugesan
wow there is no words enough to appreciate u veni! congratulations to queen of chikku kolam!-suguna murugesan
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congratulation Veni,beautiful kolam.
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Lata, The complement provided by you for this 100th Sikku Kolam is Astonishing; Fabulous; Marvelous; Excellent; I once again appreciate your commitment and encouragement.My sincere thanks to all ikolam members for their support.
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Congratulations, may God give you long life and great energy to draw thousands of rangOlis! Regards! - mOhana
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Century kolamaa?? veni maam neenga great i think. nal vazhthukkalnu simpleaa sonna pathaathu, aana suba maam maadri kavithai ezutha theriyaadhay, ena panrathu?? anyway CONGRATS.
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Veni with my damaged vocal cord i want to sing this for u “Congratulation and celebration, I tell everyone that u r in love with kolam . Congratulation and celebration, I want the world to know we are happy as we can be. Congratulation and celebration, we want to wish u from ikolam family. Congratulation and celebration and now tell me where u giving us party … 'Congratulation and celebration” 'Congratulation ‘
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Lovely kolam with pleasant color, Veni. Suba, your poem is lovely and i appreciate you for giving us so many poems. I love to enjoy the poems and long ago i also used to write. Lata, nice spl. effect to appreciate Veni's effort and art.
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Brinda nice to learn that u used to write poems .my sincere request to start writing again dear .it is one of the wonderful skill dear .I am pretty confident that u can start writing again all the best .And upload ur poems for us .
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Lata it is indeed wonderful to give this special effect on veni's achievement .Lata please participate in my quiz
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Congrats/ very beautiful and neat presentation. sabash sariana potti/ Waiting for next postings. Want to see all the kolams.
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Veni mam, Really i'm getting tears in my eyes. Such a great dedication to this art. I really missed this day to view your century kolam. Infact I was awaiting for a long time to see your century kolam. As I was on a short vacation to Chennai, I missed to see this. Though I'm late, please accept my wishes for your century. All the very best for Double century. Mahalakshmi
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Congratulations on reaching 100!!! I am just admiring the beauty of this and not willing to take my eyes from this one. Every kolam of yours is so different and well executed. So talented in chikku kolams . Thanks for your chikku kolams treat and looking forward to more from you.
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congratulations !!!! may u reach many more such heights!!! best wishes
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