Caption this - Guess what it is!

jkmrao Fri, 05/01/2009 - 12:39

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Is this a crystal of some kind? (Reminds me of a dodecahedron, and the nava-hridaya-kamalam). Dear member friends, please do not hesitate to throw in your guesses. Participating is what makes it more fun. mOhanaji, please do not give us the answer for a couple of days (actually, the suspense is killing me!) :)
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for me it looks like a 3d image, the inner design pops out. it also reminds me of the tamil movie "athey kangal" in which the villan escapes from a large window... it also reminds me of shrek 3 where the dragon flies in through the large round glass window ... imagination knows know boundaries
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Imagination knows no boundary ..... spelling mistake in the earlier comment ... hehehehe ..
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Hint: This is an artistic representation of an aerial view of a temple in the northern India. Hope this helps :-) Regards! - mOhana
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mOhanaji is Akshardham temple in gujarat....
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I thought of Bahai temple too, but I'd only seen the side view of it (a long time ago). I wish I get a chance to see the popular Akshardam temple! Vasanthiji is in all praise of it, ever since she visited it! :)
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Mohanaji I am 100% sure that it is the Bahai temple
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Congratulations to Mrs Sumathi and Mrs Brindha. I have posted the details in my blog. This will give you an opportunity to go through my other blog entries too. Thank you all for the encouragement. Regards! - mOhana
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I forgot to go through all replies. Congratulations are due to Mrs Asha Nagendra too. Please excuse me Ashaji! Regards! - mOhana
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