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  • u name it !
  • Caption this - Guess what it is!
  • Peacock Rangoli- What do you think one peacok said to the other ?
  • Heirloom lace
Rangoli: u name it !
Created by bhaskari on 2010-06-18,

i could not think of an appropriate name for this design kolam hence i am requesting u members to name it !!

Rangoli: Caption this - Guess what it is!
Created by jkmrao on 2009-05-01,

Even though this is not a paDi kOlam, in its spirit it is something like that. This has been modeled on an existing structure. Your job is to find it out. Later, I will add a photo of the existing structure.
Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Peacock Rangoli- What do you think one peacok said to the other ?
Created by anuradhasakkaji on 2009-02-20,

I won the first prize for this rangoli in the rangoli competition conducted by our street association.

Rangoli: Heirloom lace
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-02-16,

The rangoli submissions created by most people have generic names, like Kolam or Rangoli etc, and I've tried to come up with interesting names. Names like "The magic carpet", "Multicolored Medallion", "Orchid delight", "Nested stars" etc were given by me. It has been fun to come up with names that captured the essence of the kolam. Now, I would like our whole community to participate in the naming ceremony!

I would like to start "Caption this!" with the following rangoli. Suggest your names as comments, and we'll collectively choose the name.


Thanks for suggesting wonderful names. Heirloom lace wins!.