First Rangoli

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Srenithy drew this rangoli using POLYGON, CURVE AND CIRCLE in MSP. After finishing this she showed it to her father then to me. He appreciated her but i said some corrections . So she told me "Amma , i will try to do my best next time". On floor, it is very difficult to draw, but in MSP it is very easy . So i taught her in MSP.

Rangoli: First Rangoli


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Hey,Srinithy kuttty,very good.yannoda neeye better....hehehe computerle beautifulla kolam podare.....yanaku innum curvers unnamadhiri P C le draw panna varavillai.....great.

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Thanks Lakshmi aunty. Aunty, in MSP use CURVE and Polygon tools to draw curves. It is very easy to draw star and curves. i used them.

- Srenithy

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This is good for an adult and more so for a child. Keep it up.
(Some) adults complain that all that is undesirable with children is due to computers.
But here is one more example of how computers are indeed beneficial.

Regards! - mOhana

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Uncle thank u very much. I like to draw pictures in MSP. In SOmetimes it comes up good . Also it is very easy to erase and move .

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Your first rangoli on MSP is very nice!

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Jaya aunty thanks.

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beautiful,srinithy romba nalla irukku.

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Asha aunty thanks.