kolam for tulasi maadam

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About kolam for tulasi maadam:

Hai to all this is the kolam I made around tulasi maadam when I went to my uncle's home in coimbatore for my grandpa's birthday day . I made this using finger technique for your views I have sent photos from different angles I would like to share this to you all ..

Rangoli: kolam for tulasi maadam


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Wow, very pretty work Radhika. Hope u gave the gift (danglers) made by you to your grand father.


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wow very nice radhika!-suguna murugesan

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Very pretty and very colourful! Also, this is the first time I am seeing a tulasi kOTe like this, interesting! Looks like a big cup Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Thankyou so much for your comments and Mahalakshmi Mam yes I gave the danglers which I have uploaded before and he loved that and I made Hung them on both sides of a door .my aunty too loved that one...

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Wow....lovely maadam and very pretty rangoli done by u radhika...hope u celebrated ur grandpa's b'day in a grand manner...

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Extremely beaaaaaauuuuuuuttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffff;uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllll rangoli dear.I am really proud of u.Keep it up Radhika.Please let me know the process of finger tech

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wow.... nice design and colours to choose...

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Very nice work with beautiful colours. Lovely Tulsi Maadam!

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the thulasi maadam is so beautiful and your kolam adds beauty to it Radhika... suuuuuuuuuupppppppppppeeeeeeerbbbbbbbbb creative work.
you had spread the colour powder fist and made the desired design with your fingers, am i right rekha?????

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sorry ....i have mentioned your name wrongly...please read as Radhika...sorrry for the trouble.

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Beautiful work Radhika.
I haven't seen this type of Tulsi Brindhavan structure, maybe its available only in Coimbatore. The base provides space to draw kolam Isn't it?

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very nice and beautiful one.

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Very beautifullll kolam and the Tulasi Bridavan. I had not seen this type of Brindvan before. Very attractive structure and fantastic kolam.

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Superb, fantastic kolam with such nice shading patterns. Both the kolam and the tulasi maadam are very unique.

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very prettyda.
I miss the function since i am being here at Kansas
Your kolam is very very prettyda.

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Very nice kolam and the color combination used is good. Most of all the Tulasi Mandapam is unique.

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Very pretty.

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Very pretty kolam,tulasi pot is quite good.

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very pretty kolam the tulasi madam looks unique n great.....good combination of colours n nicely done using ur fingers.....

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lovely kolam with different tulasi madam mam.

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both your colorful finger play and the Thulasi maadam are beautiful.

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the thulasi madam is so nice mam...and ur finger technique kolam is wonderful...!

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Thankyou sooo much for your wonderful comments .Ammu Mam You are right we celebrated grandpa s b' day in a very grand manner . Rekha Mam the explanation given by vasanthi mam is correct for this process of fingering technique . vinci Mam this type of tulsi Maadam is now available and used more for decoration apart from its tradition and I m also trying to buy such a beautiful tulsi Maadam sooner in my home for its beauty even though we dont have practice of worshipping tulsi in maadam form .

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Very beautiful and colourful Radhika.

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Very very pretty kolam done by you Radhika around thulasi maadam. Nice usage of space.