kutty kolam

saka Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:47

pretty and cute chicks..kolam...very well done by a small girl...what is her age?
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thank you maha,suges,ammu,vijaya,bala,vasanthi,bala,suba mams.my daughter is 10 yrs old. she has just now started to do kolams in the summer vacation.she is very happy to see all your comments.
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mrs. l.b. prasad

hi! this is bhuvana. i am putting my comments for the first time. i watch all the kolams in this site almost every day, & i have recreated many kolams and have got apriciations from the people around me. your daughter's this excellent work compled me to put comment on this for the first time. on seeing this marvel from your little pari i really feel that a great artist of the sort of laxmiraghu, rajamma mam, jayamohan, jayashree like people is coming up. please encourage her in this as this girl has shown a grate interest in this art which is vanishing slowly and gradually. give my love to her and good whishes to you all. regards, bhuvana
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