Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli

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Bangalore - India

This is the sanskar bharti diwali rangoli put in front of my son - d.i.l's house in Mumbai. This was done by a proffessional.


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Mesmerising! Dear

Mesmerising! Dear

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amazing work Jayanthi - no

amazing work Jayanthi - no need to tell it is done by an expert - this can be made out with the colours used and the style of drawing the curves - I love this one very much Smile

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Very beautifully done

Very beautifully done Rangoli. The touch of a professional can be seen. This must have been done by a Maharashtrian. Correct me if I am wrong. They excel in such free hand Rangolis. It will be amazing to see the ease with which they put rangoli.

The border design is done with the fist - by holding the rangoli powder in the fist (I think).

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execllent colour

execllent colour selection.Neat and beautiful

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very beautifully drawn

very beautifully drawn rangoli mam,looks perfectly fitting in this background and nice colour combo

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The curves are very

The curves are very beauty,nenjai alludhu.

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Very very grand.very bright

Very very grand.very bright colors.Thanks for sharing .

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Thank you jayanthi for

Thank you jayanthi for uploading this master piece creation

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Excellent work...

Excellent work...

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very much beautiful.

very much beautiful.

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Amazing work.. Very

Amazing work.. Very beautiful SB rangoli......

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Superb and awesome kolam.

Superb and awesome kolam. Perfect symmetry and design. I liked the inner green shades. Lovely

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superb work....

superb work....

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superb work

superb work

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Amazing work.. Thanks for

Amazing work.. Thanks for sharing a professional's work with us..

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Amazing work.. Thanks for

Amazing work.. Thanks for sharing a professional work with us..

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Wow...thanks a lot jayanthy

Wow...thanks a lot jayanthy mam...i always wanted to see a rangoli done by a professional in our site to see what we can do to improve....thanks a lot for sharing such a beauty....btw how much did u pay them or was it done for free by some friend of ur son' let me know....

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wow very pretty. bright

wow very pretty. bright colours lovely kolam.

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Very nice rangoli with

Very nice rangoli with bright colours. Thanx for sharing

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Awesome Very beautiful SB

Awesome Very beautiful SB rangoli.


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Wow! Magnificent and

Wow! Magnificent and amazingly beautiful!
Thank you to all three of you for sharing this here, Jayanthi. Smile