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  • Baby shower kolam
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Rangoli: Special Rangoli
Created by Durga Sembian on 2013-09-17,

Another special rangoli made by me for my SIL vallaya kappu

Rangoli: Baby shower Kolam
Created by Kalpana Gopinath on 2013-02-24,

I made this kolam for my friend's baby shower party at my house:-)

Rangoli: Baby shower kolam
Created by Jayashree Patel on 2012-04-05,

Baby inside the cradle drawn during the occasion of my cousin's baby shower.

Rangoli: Fusion Kolam
Created by veena manigandan on 2011-08-29,

This is a kolam i did at my mothers home for my brother wife's Seemantham. I had uploaded this earlier but it was not added. So uploading this again. This is half dried kolam but the design is clear i think. I got this fusion padi kolam from some site and tried this. Look forward to your views.

Rangoli: Diaper Cake
Created by srichak on 2011-08-27,

Hi! friends , this daiper cake is made by me two years back as a baby shower gift.
How do u all like this cake. Let me know your views about this cake.


Rangoli: padikkolam
Created by sjnt on 2010-09-15,

This is the one put for the seemantham function but uploaded a border pattern recently.

Rangoli: Traditional padikolam
Created by jayamohan on 2010-02-18,

This kolam was drawn by my sister-in-law< Jayalakshmi Chandrasekar (also a member of ikolam) for my Daughter-in-law's seemantham.
(Seemantham is a tamil word for baby-shower).

Rangoli: POO jadai alankaram
Created by madhuharini on 2009-07-25,

This jadai alankaram prepared by me for my daughter for her poochootal using famous madurai malli.My daughter is in madisar also.

Rangoli: Ezhai Kolams
Created by jcwelcomes on 2009-05-04,

This is the thambathi kolam drawn in the place where the Seemandham was held. This kolam was drawn by me at around 12 o clock in the night with the help of a mobile phone torch light.

Rangoli: Nava daniya pillaiyar kolam
Created by madhuharini on 2009-02-13,

In our daugter-in-law's valaikappu we put pilliyar in navadania. We prepare a savory called kollu payiru. It contains kollu, pachaipayaru, bengalgram, pottukadalai and managaram. All are roasted and, salt & chilli is added. But the pilliyar was made with colourful daniams.