POO jadai alankaram

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This jadai alankaram prepared by me for my daughter for her poochootal using famous madurai malli.My daughter is in madisar also.


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Very Beautiful yes I do agree

Very Beautiful yes I do agree our trational attire along with poo jadai allangaram adds its own natural touch. Very beautiful !!!

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Thank u friends.I learnt to

Thank u friends.I learnt to tie the poojadai from my mother in law.She made this for me every year in my early marriage life.I passed it to my daughter.

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Lovely Madhu - I like this

Lovely Madhu - I like this very much.........

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Beautiful & Elegant,

Beautiful & Elegant, Madhuharini Ma'am.... as Jaya Ma'am has mentioned, adds up beauty to a Beauty...

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WOW!! nice poo jadai!

WOW!! nice poo jadai!

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Hats off Madhuharini for

Hats off Madhuharini for keeping up traditions! I would love to learn this art from you! I like tieing flowers in different methods. The 'palum pazhamum' checked madisaar saree is beautiful on your daughter. Adds beauty to beauty!

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wow super "Mogginajade" yes

wow super "Mogginajade" yes mallige fragrance...nice

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I can smell the Malli

I can smell the Malli fragrance from here. Just now my cousin phoned up to ask whether to put this alankaaram for her daughter's poochoodal next week.
s poochoodal next week.
Lata will be longing to do this for her daughters I presume.
The Jadai-poo, Raakkodi, madisaar pudavai all reminds our Paati's BeautyParlour.( My grandma was an expert in doing this alankaaram)