maa kolam

Rangoli: Padi kolam
Created by chandy on 2017-04-21,

Rangoli maa kolam: Padi kolam by chandy

Rangoli: Freehand Maa kolam
Created by chandy on 2017-02-16,

Rangoli freehand: Freehand Maa kolam by chandy

Rangoli: thiru kaarthigai
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2014-12-08,

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: thiru kaarthigai by suges

Rangoli: Maa Kolam with deepams to decorate it
Created by GeeVee on 2014-10-31,

A maa kolam made by the entrance - A few diyas fill the dark room with beautiful light. Asatho maa sadgamaya Tamaso maa jyothir gamayaRangoli decorated with diyas: Maa Kolam with deepams to decrate it by GeeVee

Rangoli: Maakolam
Created by Kumar Visaly on 2014-07-22,
This rangoli was published on 2014-07-22.
Rangoli: Kolam
Created by rajamma_2 on 2014-05-29,
This rangoli was published on 2014-05-29.
Rangoli: Vaibhava lakshmi - yantra kolam
Created by Nicko Pillay on 2014-05-25,

maa kolam for mahalakshmi poojai

Rangoli: Maakolam for Friday
Created by vijaysowmya on 2013-02-22,

Dear friends...Here is a simple maakolam design with colours for friday in my pooja room. Your views on this please. Smile

Rangoli: chikku kolam for Rani
Created by rajamma_2 on 2013-02-20,

Rani, this is my belated gift[belated] for your birthday.I wish you become a Rani in wet maavu kolam drawing also. Smile

Rangoli: Champagne for celebration!
Created by Lata on 2013-02-20,

Rani's third anniversary announcement triggered a quick time check regarding others' anniversaries and hence this celebratory-champagne kolam! :love: We're celebrating some of our long-term members' anniversaries here at ikolam! I need to start mentioning from a few of our members that have been actively posting here for the past seven years! I'll then mention members that have been with us for six years, five years, four, and then three. Since it is already past 12am where I live, I'm going to write the names in the morning. But you're more than welcome to guess out the names/yrs here in comments to have some fun. Biggrin

The floor is wooden, the medium is rice paste, the coloring at the bottom is colored sand. At the top you will see the bottles colored as champagne bottles in Photoshop. Hope you like it. Smile

In the meantime, cheers to you, you and you! Let's party! :party: :beer:

No of Years	Names
7.25		vasanthi
7.16		baaz
7.08		rajamma_2
7.08		jkmrao
6.75		alameluranganath
6.66		subashini
6.58		jayamohan
6.41		Chethan Srinivasan
6.41		Akilandeshwari
5.58		vijaysowmya
5.5		lakshmiraghu
5.5		ddaayy
5.33		indirasundhar
5.16		dibbutn
5.16		jasree
5.08		anirudh
5.08		chandy
5.08		jaanu
4.91		sudhabalakrishnan
4.75		nithyaashok
4.66		rojababu
4.41		aditya
4.08		manivasuki62
4.08		r.suganthy
3.75		Vasi
3.58		ammuchandhini
3.5		Shibrudha
3.25		BalaChandrasekaran
3.16		premaragu
3.16		Bhavani Mayilvahanan
3		Padma Prakash