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  • 2018- Kaamikaa Ekadashi- Panchajanyam
  • Purataasi Saturday
  • Friday sangu kolam in white.
  • colourful sangu kolam
  • Sanku kolam
  • Shankams
  • Stencil Designs
  • Margazhi
  • Shankam
  • kolam with dots
Created by JANANI RAGHAVAN on 2018-08-09,

Paanchajanyam- "The Shankh"....An interesting thing about this is Goddess AanDaal (an incarnation of Bhooma Devi) has a conversation with the shankh.....which comes as 10 Tamil Shlokas, which is a part of 143 shlokas called ' Naachiyaar Thirumozhi'........She is infact jealous of it as it gets to stay with the Lord all the time....

Rangoli: Purataasi Saturday
Created by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU on 2016-10-15,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Purstasi Saturdayay by AMUDHA RATHINAVELU

Created by revathiilango on 2015-07-09,

Rangoli 9 to 5 interlaced dots: Friday sangu kolam in white. by revathiilango

Rangoli: colourful sangu kolam
Created by Durgadeviramesh on 2015-03-05,

How is my sangu kolam friendsRangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): colourful sangu kolam by Durgadeviramesh

Rangoli: Sanku kolam
Created by aarchi on 2012-08-27,

Friends i put this sanku kolam recently, your views please.

Rangoli: Shankams
Created by mvrajitha on 2011-02-11,

Star made of shankus, for all of you.

Happy advanced Valentines Day

Rangoli: Stencil Designs
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-02-04,

I am uploading my stencil collection as Judy wished to have a look of them all. this is my first set and i will upload another set later.

Rangoli: Margazhi
Created by Sarasp on 2011-01-14,

Shank Kolam drawn on Kudaravalli which was on the 11th Jan. Dotted kolam (13-7) interlaced. Hope you all like it, as its done without colors (:

Rangoli: Shankam
Created by srilakshmi_lux on 2010-07-28,

Hi friends. This is my another collection. Dots are 15-8

Rangoli: kolam with dots
Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-06-15,

hai..this dotted kolam (9,10,11,12,13-on both sides)was done by me yr views on this shangu kolam...