kolam with dots

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About kolam with dots:

hai..this dotted kolam (9,10,11,12,13-on both sides)was done by me yr views on this shangu kolam...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: kolam with dots


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The wavy lines in this pattern has got me hooked Rani. Very nice.

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thank u latha....i have seen so many many shangu kolams everywhere but all d shanks were separate...i thought everybody would like this version of fixed shanks .....

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super sangu kolam

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very beautiful sangu kolam.

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Nice to see dotted kolams from Rani for a change Smile Rani the centre design looks like a earring Smile

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Very nice ahanku kolam Raniji.........-Indira Sundar

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Rani maam lovely shanku kolam and I guess the kaavi from the previous day's kolam is there so that I dont comment that I miss them Smile

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beautiful sangu kolam rani.

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Neli neliyaa ezhai izhuththu ellaa Shankugalaiyum otta vechitteengale!

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Nice one Raniji.

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thank u alamelu mam veni judy indra mam pushpa usha mam padma and rajammaji...thanks again

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Nice shanku kolam and a diffeernt one too Rani.

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nice shangu kolam.

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thank u padma mam and sreegiri mam...

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hey raniii.. dots kolam for a change from your side is it.... b'ful shanku yaar.. shanku ellam nalla gunda kozhu kozhu nu iruku.. :)))))))))

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hai vidhs...thanks ungalaale mattum than ippadi comment adikka mudiyum...neenga sonnappuramthan en kannukkukooda kozhu kozhunnu irukkudu....

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Different type of shanku kolam joined together.So nice.