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  • 2021- Arunagirinathar Guru Poojai- June 24th 2021....
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  • Skanda Sashti Rangoli
  • Happy Yugaadi - 2016
  • Hanuman Jayanthi Special Wishes
  • Rangoli for a local famous festival
  • Srirangam Temple Decoration
  • Nandhi on Mattupongal day
  • Scenic village
  • Idealisation of a temple
Created by JANANI RAGHAVAN on 2021-07-02,

This rangoli depicts the Thiruvannaamalai temple tower, Lord Ganesha and Saint Arunagirinathar......

Saint Arunagirinathar enters the northern entrance of the Thiruvannaamalai temple tower, has the dharshan of Lord Ganesha and tries to invoke His blessings by offering fresh flowers, to sing the Divine Glory/Holy Praise of Lord Subramanya, who is His younger brother.....

Created by Amirtha Thanam on 2019-08-25,

this is Kagai konda chola puram temple.this is done by sand alone

Created by Vidhya Sundar on 2018-11-10,

Third day is Palani Temple

Rangoli: Happy Yugaadi - 2016
Created by anirudh on 2016-04-09,

Happy Yugaadi friends!!!..... Wishing this new year bring all the joy & prosperity to all

A free hand drawing without colors. Inspired by one of the pencil sketch shared by Anu ma'm Rangoli bird: Happy Yugaadi - 2016 by anirudh

Rangoli: Hanuman Jayanthi Special Wishes
Created by Purni on 2013-04-25,

May Lord Hanuman Bless All with Wisdom, Strength and Prosperity....:)

Rangoli: Rangoli for a local famous festival
Created by vidhyaprasu on 2013-01-09,

Hello friends, this was done urgently by me on a famous local festival of our town Pariyur Amman Kundam. People who moved from this town will come back to their home town for this festival where ever they may be.

Rangoli: Srirangam Temple Decoration
Created by indu.rkc on 2011-01-04,

Srirangam Temple decoration for Vaikunda Ekadasi. This was done on the ceiling.

Rangoli: Nandhi on Mattupongal day
Created by Sumathi.v on 2009-08-10,

This is a picture of the Nandhi at Thiruvanamalai(my home town)which is decorated with varities of fruits ,vegetables ,snacks(like biscuits,popcorn,chocolates ,milk sweets) and flowers especially on MATTU PONGAL DAY.The offerings are made to the Nandhi in the form of garlands when people have their wishes fulfilled by the Lord.

Rangoli: Scenic village
Created by Sumathi.v on 2009-07-13,

This is a picture of our village near Vellore which is 10 km off the main road.The small amman temple at the background of our paddy fields looks very scenic.Recently I had been there and was then pictured.The quiteness of the village and the natural green colour around you makes you feel so refreshing

Rangoli: Idealisation of a temple
Created by jkmrao on 2009-05-13,

This is the idealisation of a famous temple in southern India.
Of course, it is very easy to guess!

Regards! - mOhana