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Rangoli: Elephant kolam
Created by nithyaashok on 2011-09-06,

Due to time constraint iam uploading some small kolams tried out in white board.

Rangoli: elephant kolam
Created by saka on 2011-07-08,

this kolam was drawn by me for a competition very long back.this kolam was selected in that competition and this was printed in the rangoli book.the competition was conducted by idayam gingely oil.i wanted to share this with u all . pls give your comments.

Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli/ Elephant
Created by chandy on 2011-01-30,

The dot count 9 x 5 straight dots. A few dots will be left over on the sides. I have erased it. After finishing I felt I should have put two elephants facing each other. That would have looked better. Maybe the elephants should have lifted the garland with the trunk. I am thinking of trying like that. If someone can do it, please do and submit.

Rangoli: rangoli during pongal 2011
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-01-19,

This is the Rangoli which was done by me and my mom during pongal and the design in this shows an elephant holding lamps .The design used here is known as MAKARA VILAKU and it was being used before 2400 years . I got this information in a magazine now I've tried out in kolam.

Created by M. Kanchana on 2009-01-07,

I Welcome you to my circus. Elephant dancing with a ball, joker waiting for children, and sparrow swing.

Rangoli: Circus Rangoli
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-01-07,

Hello, we usually celebrate new year day with lot of programs, games, etc during this holiday period with all ages within the colony. Rangolis was one item to all ladies to show ability, it was decided by the new year Organizing Committee that first place be given to this Rangoli, the prize went to Mrs. IndraPriyadharshini of (II block).

Rangoli: Elephant
Created by udhaya on 2007-01-22,
This rangoli was published on 2007-01-22.