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Rangoli: Star flowers
Created by rekbin on 2011-10-30,
This rangoli was published on 2011-10-30.
Rangoli: star rangoli
Created by saisrithamarai on 2011-09-06,

this rangoli with 15 to 8 inter dots can be done for any occasion like christmas or holi and many colours can be used.

Rangoli: Free hand star kolam
Created by chandy on 2011-02-05,

Simple to draw on even busy days. Can put kaavi also.

Rangoli: Star Sikku kolam
Created by malar anand on 2011-02-01,

Hi friends,
this sikku kolam was done on my mom's house during Margazhi...

Rangoli: Star Kolam
Created by baaz on 2011-01-29,

This is a free hand rangoli. We can add some more designs to it as per our wish.

Rangoli: star kolam
Created by julien on 2011-01-28,

this kolam is another one for all. i drew a kolam on my daughter's birthday.
dots :
14 - 2 - stop 7

Rangoli: rangoli
Created by Anisha Raghunath on 2011-01-25,

a star kolam done by me with different colours....ur views plzzz.....

Rangoli: simple star kolam
Created by lavs_eie on 2011-01-25,

Hi..This is a star kolam done by me with designs in between the diamond shapes..


Rangoli: maavilai kothu
Created by dlz_31 on 2011-01-19,

Hi, This kolam is done with 17dots to 1, and then four sides 11 dots to 1 each. It will be a star.

Rangoli: dotted kolam
Created by nithi1 on 2011-01-10,

hi everyone. this is 9-5 interlaced kolam. hope u like it..