maavilai kothu

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Hi, This kolam is done with 17dots to 1, and then four sides 11 dots to 1 each. It will be a star.

Rangoli: maavilai kothu


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Wow...nice biiig kolam...d same can be seen in d normal my early submissions...

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Old kaththikkolam design. the slanting drawing made this look like sugarcanes criss crossing.

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Beautiful and big kolam... looks very nice, if only a little kaavi or color was added it would hv looked awesome (just an opinion maam)

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looks large and grand, well drawn,

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Looks Pretty. Well made

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very very big kolam ....looks very beautiful....well done.

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Nice one.

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Nice kolam. Yes Pushpa, for contrasting with the floor colour some other could have been added.

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Nice kolam.


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Big kolam and old pattern. Good to see the old patterns still in use.

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Neatly done - but your floor design does not allow us to enjoy the kolam completely

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Good pattern, could have made the picture a bit darker so that the lines are better visible.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice kolam. Very old design called 'Kaththi Kolam' (knife). This goes to show that Old is Gold and no doubt the design still holds good.

Mixing some other colour would have made the kolam look more bright and beautiful.

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Looks Pretty.

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Very nice kolam...