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  • chutti diyas
  • happy karthigai
  • century kolam(karthigai kolam)
  • happy karthigai
  • happy muharram
  • bunch of flowers
  • rain drops
  • inspiration 1
  • Diwali rangoli!
  • happy bday ikolam
Rangoli: chutti diyas
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-10,

hai frnz, this was again done on an karthigai eve,, more than d real diyas i felt d ps dots glowing better,,well ive bored u all with enough of diya kolams for a week,,lets switch on to d next celebration within a short while,, till then ur comments pls,,,,,,,,,

Rangoli: happy karthigai
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-09,

hai frnz, this was done during karthigai,,its my 1st try of a bigger kolam in this size which resulted in a severe backpain he he he,, i wondered how laksh is able to do such sized kolams daily,,,,,,,,,ur comments pls

Rangoli: century kolam(karthigai kolam)
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-09,

hai frnz, i feel glad to do my 100th kolam(an inspiration from brindha mams kolam) on d day of karthigai eve,again my 1st upload was also a karthigai kolam,, my spl thanks to lata for giving a warm welcome and encouragement to improve d talents hidden within us,,, thank u all my dear frnz for ur lovable sweet comments and encouragement

Rangoli: happy karthigai
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-07,

hai frnz, happy karthigai wishes to u all,, this was done in a hurry burry with so many disturbances,,, anyhow i wanted to share with u all, ur comments pls,,,

Rangoli: happy muharram
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-05,

hai frnz,, happy muharram to all our muslim frnz,,this is d first month of d islamic calendar and fighting is prohibited during this month,,
this sb rangoli was done today morning ,, i think i will empty all my new colors before karthigai itself,,,, Angel Angel Angel

Rangoli: bunch of flowers
Created by umaraja on 2011-12-02,

hai frnz, this is my own design, just decorated with kaavi dots, ur comments pls

Rangoli: rain drops
Created by umaraja on 2011-11-28,

hai frnz, d rain is just pouring out in ramnad,,,most of my neighbours havnt put kolam for d past 5 days,,, but i make kolam atleast thrice after each rain wash, he he he,, this simple design was tried out by d inspiration of rain droplets

Rangoli: inspiration 1
Created by umaraja on 2011-11-11,

hai frnz,
though i couldnt participate in d contest many of ur rangolis tempted me a lot to try, this is an inspiration of chethans rangoli, ur comments pls

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli!
Created by riya_mrv on 2011-10-29,

This time I never removed the previous rangoli and kept making new ones resulting into a collection of 3 rangolis on Diwali eve Smile

Rangoli: happy bday ikolam
Created by umaraja on 2011-10-13,

hai frnz, lets all join d bday party of ikolam with this rangoli,,, thank u so much lata for d new layout,, ur comments pls