Rangoli: mandana kolam 1
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-22,

hai frnz,,, latas mandana kolam inspiration ended up in this, i ve done this in my kitchen back yard which has a small kaavi floor,,, glad dat i was left home alone today to try out so many exciting experiments,, ,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: maakolam
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-22,

hai frnz,, hope its maakolam season in ikolam,, was tempted too much by rani which ended up in this,,, felt happy to create this on a fri eve,,, will do more further,,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: world water day
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-21,

hai frnz,,, here is my bowl of fresh flowers for d water day,,, hope u like it,,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: divine red
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-20,

hai frnz,, did this today eve on account of panguni uthiram vizha ,,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: earth day
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-19,

hai frnz,,, KEEP HER COOL ,, SHE SMILES FOREVER,, HAPPY EARTH DAY Smile ur comments pls

Rangoli: hinamatsuri wishes
Created by umaraja on 2013-03-10,

hai frnz,, must thank lata for making us work on very very different creative themes,, did this on account of dolls day,, didnt get time to upload it on time,,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: Happy International Women's Day - 2013
Created by anirudh on 2013-03-08,

Happy International Women's Day!!!
I here by wish you all with Origami roses & leaves.

Rangoli: peacock parade
Created by umaraja on 2013-02-28,

hai frnz,, these parade of peacocks are marching in front of the beauty queens arriving on mar 3rd,, Wink , ur comments pls Smile

Rangoli: evening drizzlers
Created by umaraja on 2013-02-19,

hai frnz,,,, in spite of the continuous rain i did this kolam today evening,,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: mardi gras rangoli
Created by umaraja on 2013-02-11,

hai frnz, this was done for d mardi gras theme,,, lets wear d mask and enjoyyyyyyyyy :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: