navrathri 2010

Rangoli: Rangoli - Our Golu 2010
Created by anakavya on 2010-10-22,

We made this Durga Rangoli and Ganesha Rangoli truly inspired by others in this website.

Rangoli: Navratri kolam
Created by Sarasp on 2010-10-22,

This floral kolam was done during Navratri on Panchami day..

Rangoli: Navrathri Special - VIII
Created by jasree on 2010-10-20,

Hai Friends....!!! I made this kolam on Friday (8th day of Navrathri)with wet maavu. This time I made this maakkolam in rangoli type, hope u will like this.....

Rangoli: Navarathri day - 9
Created by smahalakshmi on 2010-10-20,

Hi all, this is the kolam that i made for Saraswathi pooja. It is done using dosa maavu. The centre design is taken from another kolam, which was referred from some other website. Ur views and comments pl....

Rangoli: Fifth Day of Navrathri Podikolam
Created by dibbutn on 2010-10-20,

This is a freehand podikolam which I have already done using wet rice flour ... hope you like it

Rangoli: Padi Kolam
Created by veena manigandan on 2010-10-20,

This one done for Saraswati pooja at home. Small one at the pooja room.

Rangoli: DASARA 2010
Created by kameswari on 2010-10-20,

Hi friends! this is another rangoli created by me on Vijayadasami. Dot count is 15 dots 5 lines. Upto 5 straight lines. Side corners with stencil designs. Your comments and suggestions please.

Created by ammuchandhini on 2010-10-20,

Hai to all...this kuzhal kolam was done by me on d 8th day of navarathri....ur views pl....

Rangoli: Navratri kolam
Created by sjnt on 2010-10-20,

This is the kolam I put for Saraswati puja today, in the basement for our common golu.

Rangoli: Ragoli
Created by Sarasp on 2010-10-20,

Mini Rangoli done in front of the golu, very tiny one, compared to the kolams uploaded by you all Smile