Rangoli: beads and beads more.
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-10-05,

This is also very simple work.
I attached beads and triedout some verticle type embroidary here
This is also a pouch to present with.

Rangoli: beadwork pouch
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-10-04,

This is also embroidary workdone and added beads.
This is another pouch.

Rangoli:  Border Embroidary pouch
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-09-22,

This is also simple embroidary
Border like i had done.
In centre i am thinking of soing something and i dontknow i will find time to fill up.

Rangoli: mirror work
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-09-22,

I am just getting ready to come back to my native place.
I am lucky enough to meet Indian friends here and they well occupied me by taking me to temples, satsangs, Italian food places like wise.
I just want to present some exculusive presents to them. Here felt cloths are available in pretty colours. So I got them and done embroidary myself and created pouches by placing zips and presented to my friends as a token of my love.So here i am uploading photos of my simple hand works one by one. Among those, this is my mirror work pouch.

Rangoli: Pouch - 2
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-07-30,

Actually this is the backside of the pouch I already posted.
I done this with embroidary plus bead work.

Rangoli: Hand made pouch
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-07-22,

This is a handmade pouch by me. For the design I used golden beads.