chilli peppers

Rangoli: Chilli peppers
Created by aarushik on 2010-06-14,

Here is a beginners Chilli pepper rangoli made using 9x1 dots (interlaced style). This looks more like Jalapeno red peppers. I've used color pencils.

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch - Spicy Dry Chillies topped with Cool Cucumber
Created by judelined on 2010-06-14,

Not finding the time to make new rangolis for this corner was making me feel very guilty and in fact jealous of the ones who made the time to create and upload. This morning I as I was cooking I thought the dry chillies looked really healthy and suddenly got a brain-wave. I made a flower with it and sliced a cucumber to make the centre of the red hot flower. Here is the outcome..

Parrots eating chilli peppers rangoli
Created by Lata on 2004-01-13,

Did you know that the Vitamin A in peppers brightens the birds' plumage, and the Capsaicin helps combat the intestinal problems in parrots and macaws? That is why our parrots are always fed with the best of the Serrano, Cayenne, and the chili peppers available.