The Veggie Patch - Spicy Dry Chillies topped with Cool Cucumber

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Not finding the time to make new rangolis for this corner was making me feel very guilty and in fact jealous of the ones who made the time to create and upload. This morning I as I was cooking I thought the dry chillies looked really healthy and suddenly got a brain-wave. I made a flower with it and sliced a cucumber to make the centre of the red hot flower. Here is the outcome..

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch - Spicy Dry Chillies topped with Cool Cucumber


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judy ...ennamaa idea soon as yr pic comes up it looks hot...verrrrry hot....

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Thank you Rani - actually I love to eat this red chilli when it is seasoned in any curry - the flesh inside is so spicy and yummy - I am sort of addicted to it. While having lunch or dinner all the red chillies from everyone's plate will find a place in my plate - hehe...

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Ha Ha Judy I admire your enthusiasm.. really pa yennaoru dedication... nice idea dear

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Judy இன்னிக்கு சமையல் முடிஞ்சுதா? எல்லாரும் நேரத்துக்கு சாப்டீங்கள?

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Excellent . i didn't even think i can do something like this. Adhan geniusngradhu. we have the same taste ,i don't waste any chillies whether green or red. Whatever i cook i first fry the chillies in the oil adharkappuram dhan ellam.

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Thanks Pushpa, Jaya (ellam after samiyal thaan or else annikku sandai thaan - hehe), Padma, same pinch Biggrin

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hehe judy nice one

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Thanks Lax Smile

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Nice arrangement of real peppers. Six would have been better than seven. Fried peppers like these are my favourites. I can eat them along with rice preparations Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Very hot and attractive chillies Judy:) Kaarathai kuraikka cucumbera?

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ohh, what a super idea , sweet(KARAM) and neat, easy Kolam

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Super idea.

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My favourite too JKM, incidentally the peppers that are used to season my sambar and other curries always find their place in my place as I just love them Smile Thanks Brindha, Sree and Suma for your comments..