Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • Butterflies from my book ; )
  • Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!
  • Butterflies
  • Butterfly leaf
  • Flowers
  • Butterfly Kolam
  • Flowers with butterfly
  • Butterflies
  • Pongal Kolam
  • Kolams for all seasons
Rangoli: Butterflies from my book  ; )
Created by anirudh on 2009-05-18,

simple ones - scanned and colored
Dots 12 X 12

Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!
Created by gowri_ana on 2009-04-23,

color chalk kolam butterflies and flowers - 10 :10 dots

Rangoli: Butterflies
Created by indirasundhar on 2009-03-03,

It is drawn in my small courtyard this morning. It is a dotted kolam.
Dot count:

1 , 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1

Rangoli: Butterfly leaf
Created by jkmrao on 2009-02-17,

There is a plant with leaves like butterflies. To learn more, go to
With such a butterfly leaf, some patterns were created. Enjoy!

Rangoli: Flowers
Created by indirasundhar on 2009-02-16,

I have drawn this on paper. I caught this by handy cam, so it is not clear.

Rangoli: Butterfly Kolam

Butterfly kolam drawn on margazhi day in front of my flat and coloured.

Rangoli: Flowers with butterfly
Created by indirasundhar on 2009-02-03,

dots 8

It is very easy to draw and no designs
butterflies are flying

Rangoli: Butterflies
Created by Sarasp on 2009-02-02,

Buzzing butterflies. Dot count is 8-1 interlaced.

Rangoli: Pongal Kolam
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-01-26,

This rangoli is drawn on pongal day in front of 2nd block in our colony, this is drawn by Bhuma, Manimeghalai and Bharathi Rathanakumar. Dots for this rangoli is 25x12 sandhu pulli.

Rangoli: Kolams for all seasons
Created by sundarmaya on 2009-01-15,

21 - 21 straight. This kolam has butterflies around flowers and brings spring to your doorstep