Rangoli: Gift to Lata & Family
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-02-19,

Friends, I dedicate this rangoli to Lata's family especially the two cute girls for encouraging them to do more creations for our visual treat. Lata advance wishes for ur regular uploads of ur children's Wink Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin :bigsmile: (Please pillainga kita matti vitenu yena tittadinga pa... Sad Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin ) :bigsmile:

Rangoli: Valetines Day
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-02-14,

Theme for February: Valentine dotted Chikku kolam
Dot grid: even grid of dots
No stray dots allowed (all dots in the grid must be enclosed in the chikku kolam)!

Friends and Lathaji, do u remember this? I have tried this and I hope that I have somewhat achieved in my creation. I thought Andril birds in my mind, but I couldn't get any image of andril birds. This chikku heart and andril birds have 14 straight dots 4 lines, continue both sides and ends with 2. Coloring innum konjam nalla panni irukalamnu thonudhu, but time ilaye pa... Sad

Ur views pls...

Rangoli: Birds Kolam
Created by Anushapradha on 2013-02-08,

This is a pencil sketch of, dot count 34-2 straight dots..... Smile

Rangoli: Happy New Year
Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-31,

Hai Friends this is New Year Celebration Please Share ur Views

Rangoli: Birds Kolam
Created by Anushapradha on 2013-01-30,

This is a pencil sketch of the kolam requested by Sridevi mam..... :bigsmile:

Rangoli: Guess the dot count
Created by sridevi72 on 2013-01-29,

This is a better version of previously posted kolam.
Please suggest the dot count if anyone gets it.
It is not mine, I got it from some blog.

Rangoli: birds kolam
Created by sridevi72 on 2013-01-29,

Another interesting kolam-can anyone guess the dot
count please?

Rangoli: Parrot Kolam
Created by karpagam.M on 2013-01-18,

Hai One more Parrot Kolam i tried please share ur views

Rangoli: Peacock kolam
Created by pavithra cutie on 2013-01-15,

its very easy to draw and colour

Rangoli: Peacock
Created by vijayasabari on 2013-01-14,

your view please...