Rangoli: Ice Cream Kolam (Dotted Kolam 15 to 1 straight)
Created by Kalpana Gopinath on 2013-03-06,

My Ice Cream Treat for the Ice Cream Rangoli Day. The Fun part is it's snowing outside the house and I am making this ice cream kolam inside the house:-) My daughter did the final touch up of putting the cherry on the top;-)

Rangoli: Icecream cones
Created by SuriK on 2009-05-21,

I love icecream cones! Whenever we go to Baskin and Robbins, I like to eat my icecream in a cone, and not a cup. My favorite flavor is Chocolate with sprinkles. My sisters like chocolate too. My parents always ask for Mocha Almond fudge when it is their turn to order. Indian kulfis are good too. What is your favorite flavor?