Rangoli: Painting on dry Ashwata leaf
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-01-05,

Once upon a time when I was a school student there was craze of painting on the dry Ashwata leaf. I found few of them. This is probably the first painting on the leaf.

Rangoli: Simple pot
Created by indira sundar on 2011-01-04,

Dear Friends,
this is my first pot painting... Your views and suggestions...

Rangoli: Terracotta Pot
Created by indu.rkc on 2011-01-03,

Painting done for a decorative terracotta piece at home by me

Rangoli: krishna painting
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2011-01-02,

This krishna painting done mainly to gift my Grandpa for His Birthday before one year. I would like to share it with every one

Rangoli: My Radha-Krishna
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-12-30,

This is simple poster color painting of Radha-Krishna done on simple thick white paper .

Rangoli: Painting 4
Created by Jayashubha on 2010-12-27,

The fourth painting is about Lord vishnu in the avatar of Narasimha. After Lord Vishnu destroyed Hirayaksha, his brother Hiranyakashyap makes severe penance and gets a boon not to be destroyed by any human, animal, god or deamons, either during day or night. After this he declares himself as the lord of all the 3 worlds and becomes the enemy of lord Vishnu. He also destroys Indralok and holds all gods as his prisoners. But his own son Prahlad, is a great devotee or Lord Vishnu and he calls lord vishnu to come out of a Pillar. At this moment Lord vishnu takes the form of Narasimha who is neither and animal nor a human and kills him just during sunset, at the entrance of the door.

Rangoli: Painting of flower pot
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-12-27,

Here I tried to paint a glass flower pot with red roses and small white flowers . Whether I justified? please comment

Rangoli: lady painting frame work
Created by Radhikha 3 on 2010-12-23,

This frame work done by me ,especially to gift it To my college in my rememberance.I have done it on a fabric pasted on a cardboard using acrylic colours.

Rangoli: My young Ragavendra swami (full view)
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2010-12-21,

I always imagine ragavendra swami how he must be looking when he was in his thirties or forties .We always gets his picture with white beard .So I tried to paint my young Ragavendra swami. Once again sorry may be resolution of my mobile camera is less hence I am unable to click full proper photo

Rangoli: Painting 2
Created by Jayashubha on 2010-12-21,

This is the second painting, Vishwa roopa of Lord Vishnu. As shown by Lord Krishna during the Gita recitation.