wet maavu kolam with 15-15 dots


Wow! rajammaji...fantastic work....I love this kolam sooooooooooo much. Your arisi maavu (wet rice flour) kolam with partial colouring....looks so bright & beautiful amma.. "karupu vanna thatileee... arisi maavu kolam pottu.. kangaluku virundu alitha.. ammavuku...nandri..nandri.."
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Hats of to u maam.AAp ke haat mei jadu hai
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Rajjammonji u have not commented on after i declared the result of egg shell 6 guess work .Pl..Pl.. i need ur expert comment on it
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beautiful and very neeeeeeaaaaaaaaattttttttt maakolam., A.Julien
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very nice mam....but i really dont understand how can we draw with maavu??j((ust now i came to know that mavu means wet rice flour as im from hyderabad i dont know tamil and here we dont use maavu at all....just rice flour only....))it is very time taking i think to draw witrh maavu..
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Suguna Murugesan
wow rajamma mam.... superb carpet kolam! colours r pleasing.... suguna murugesan
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Aahaa...rajamma mam...ur maakolam is very lovely with thick strokes and lovely cols....nice to see a sikku kolam-in maakolam for a change....
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Padma Prakash
Very nice wet mavu kolam with bold strokes, mixed colours and again stand unique.
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rAjammA ma'am, just now I am having a chance to look at your wonderful work. It looks like you have made four copies of the pattern at http://www.ikolam.com/node/22010?p=1930 . It has come out quite nicely. I am still studying the connections. This has five independent lines, is it not? With colour, there does not seem to be any symmetry, why? I have to take mine and see how to connect them to obtain a pattern similar to yours. Grand effort and great patience. Sorry for the delayed response, quite busy with a meeting the last three days. Regards! - mOhana
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Iru vaNNangal konda izhai kolam kandu yennam nirandhadhu indru yendrum varaiga idhu pole yendru vazhthoo koorudhal muraiyilai vaNakkaththudan ketkiren indru.
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Rajam mam, Very very beautifully executed. On the first sight itself, anyone would say that it is been done by an expert. very neat and clean. Mahalakshmi
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mOhanaji, whenever you present your work, you explain the intricacy of the design, the pattern of the lines connected the dots and end it with the word "ENJOY". In the beginning I jused to enjoy admiring them.Later on I tried to do copycat work or inspirtion kolams with using other mediums to do the similar patterns and realised it is more fun and enjoyment doing that than just passing comments of appreciation. So copying your work is the way of my commenting.Many of your intricate works though very challenging I wanted to try ,but due to lack of time still not attempted. Yes, this one is the combination of 4 such designs of your kolam referred. There are 5 independent lines. Since it was done with wet maavu I could not differentiate them with different colors. While drawing , first I finished the sona type designs and then drew the connecting outside borders. After finishing, the kolam was looking very bright. So filled some colors here and there., in the dot patteren of 4, 3, 2, (inbetween dots). , giving the vertical and horizontal sona patterns different colors. Eagerly waiting to see the tips to improve this. rajamma
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Very pretty version of JKM sir's kolam! -Sindhuja
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got to see this only now. it is really great to get such perfection in Maavu kolam. Great job and neatly presented.
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