Suguna Murugesan
wow very nice!-suguna murugesan
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Radhikha 3
vijima wow very nice arrangement with deepams.
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Very nice arrangement for Vishu, Viji mam. Mahalakshmi
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Viji, nice to see that you have taken all strain to follow the Vishu-kani' culture at Kansas for sake of your grandson!
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very nice kani arrangement mam. But normally our elders says we should not take photograph of our Pooja room or our God, but I see many members do this. Is there any special exemption for vishu???!!!
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Good arrangement, pleasure to the eyes! vasantI ma'am, not photographing the pUjA room is like not photographing idols in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Worship at home is something we do in private. What is private is not for public view, is it not? Also, when something is photographed we spend time in trying to beautify it. In that process, we spend more time on this aspect than concentrating on God. On the other hand, when we perform a pUjA (like varalakshmI vrata) and invite our friends and relatives, it is more public than private. As for the vishukani, since it is for the view (kani) of the family members and placed in the pUjA room, in my opinion, it too is private. On the other hand, customs are changing and even in some temples, they are allowing idols to be photographed. So there is a big blur between what is for private view and what is for public view. These are my personal observations and all people have their own opinions in this regard. Regards! - mOhana
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Good arrangement and thank u for sharing this to us .Atleast i am learning lot from u people.Once again thank u maam
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thank you jkm sir for sharing your views. Yes sir its right... when we take photograph...we spend time to beautify it..rather concentrating on God. yes sir nowadays customs are changing. thanks again for sharing your thoughts sir.
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Thankyou Rao sir for your explanation. Here it is not shown the pooja room.(no pooja room here but almaerah) which contains some of our trational ideals and being poojas done by me and my dil.(The pooja almerah is behind the kani). In my home at Chennai, my Pooja room is decorated in a elebarated way and so divine to feel.. Like an art gallery, contains all my Tanjore paintings. Old Photos were decorated by kundans and chamikies. The very big Guruvayoourappans photo is catching attention of my friends who come to my home. But i have not showcause anywhere because it is my pooja room. I heard that even taking photo of occation like pillayarpooja, varalakshmi pooja likewise, no naivadyam should be taken photos can be taken before doing pooja or after naivadyam takingout the naivadyam. We guys are a group and performing regular Narayaneeyam pooja in various places, and my part is to decorate the photo or Radha Krishna . It does made everybody happy and like to do more and more. So it is with individual taste. viji ,
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