ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this is my friday kuzhal kolam specially for our dear friend VINCI who makes others happy with her first-hand comments eventhough she is unable to make kolams coz of her busy little angel........vinci and friends hope u like this...ur views pl...

stencil roller


rajamma_2's picture

pretty kuzhal kolam neatly drawn and the coloring is mesmerising. So kind of you to appreciate Vinci.

Suguna Murugesan's picture

superb rani! pink colour lotuses r awesome!-suguna murugesan

deepa ram's picture

wonderful kolam Rani mam..that too for ur kind dedication to vinci mam....and appreciating her friendliness....superb post

BharathiKRaman's picture

awesome padi kolam. very symmetrical and bright with colours. adding colours to the kolam is your plus point. wonderful creativity and very well executed. congrats !!!

Anisha Raghunath's picture

wowww....beautiful kuzal kolam with bright colours......

Sravanthi Prasad's picture

toooo nice,beautiful,a feast for eyes..

P.Veni's picture

As usual very pretty kuzhal kolam rani.

ushavenkatesh's picture

hai rani lovely kuzhal kolam with decoration.

smahalakshmi's picture

Rani mam, your kk looks so big and beautiful. Vinci must have felt very happy for receiving this dedication from you.


ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u rajamma mam, suguna, deepa, bharathy amma, anisha, sravanthi, veni, usha mam and maha for ur encouraging comments....

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very beautiful gift to our vinci.Indeed a pretty ,awesome kolam dear.I appreciate ur patience to do such a big kolam .HATS OFF TO U.Lovely pink colour dear .Ammu most probably i am not coming to mangalore on May 20th as my daughters exam starts at that time. in case last moment if my husband plans to go then i will send few colours of rangoli to u .Hope u will like it .

vijaysowmya's picture

Superb kuzhal kolam rani with nice colors. What a dedication from you to vinci. No doubt she would love this one very much.

Jayashubha's picture

Ammu mam have completely shifted to freehand kolams. Very nice designs, each design is a boss of its own. No words to comment such good kolams. Perfect beauty.

alameluranganath's picture

very gud beautiful kolam.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u rekha mam(no there has been a major fire accident at my hubby's office he is also not sure if he will get leave on those days...i shall inform u later...anyways thanks dear), thank u sowmya, jayashubha and priya too for ur views....

Vinci's picture

OMG Rani, My heart skipped a beat right now.. You made my day dear. Sorry for a late comment, should have been the first in the commenting section, I was bit busy. Excellent creation, I love the design and coloring.
My heartfelt thanks to you Rani. I'm excited and finding hard to express my feelings. Thanks once again Smile

vasanthi's picture

wow what a beatuiful work rani mam. the colour combinations also tooo good mam..looking so bright....

vasanthi's picture

sorry mam, i could not comment yesterday itself as i was little busy in my office today i just went to my mail box and commenting on the missed ones..

subashini's picture

Arumai thozhikku anbodu potta
arumaiyaana kolaththai
andray kaanavum mudiyavillai
adhanai vazhththavum mudiyavillai
nandru nandru vungal kolam
nam thozhikku neengal koduththa kolam
yennaththil naan kaatum magizhchi,
vungal vannaththilum naan kaangiren.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u vinci...happy u liked it, thanks vasanthi and suba....for ur encouraging words....

smahalakshmi's picture

Nice poem Suba. Thought Vinci is not able to check this upload on the same day, she saw it the very next day and conveyed her heart felt thanks to her. I feel you could have added another one or two more lines about this also after the lines - "andray kaanavum mudiyavillai adhanai vazhththavum mudiyavillai".


jayamohan's picture

Vinci special kolam is in all smiles like vinci's comments!

Vinci's picture

Thanks Subashini for your poem..
Kandavudan Adaintha Paravasathai Ezuthil Eyatravavum Mudavillai,
Athai sollamal Irukkavum Mudiyavillai,
Kangal Adaintha Aananthathai Solla Orayiram Sorgal Thevai,
Thedi thaan paarkiren, Aanal Kolathin Azhagil Mayangi thaan kidakiren,

Netrikann thirakavenduma, yenakku thaniyaga message anupavum :0

smahalakshmi's picture

Vinci, nice poem from you.


SugunaS's picture

Simply Superb..... no words to express. I am great fan of your kolams..

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u maha again..., thanks jaya mam, vinci( another kavithayini for us...great..), thanks suguna.. haiyya a new happy pa...thanks again friends..

subashini's picture

vinci, ungal kavidhai arpudham,Thenodu kalandha theLamudham , raniyin kolaththodu thodarndha ungal kavidhai.Naanum ungalukku ikolam moolamaaga mail anuppidhaan paarkiren.aanaal mudiyavilai.sari, thaniyaga anuppugiren.