Vinayagar frame work

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About Vinayagar frame work : PRINT

This is the hand painted frame work done by me to present it to my aunty for their house warming ceremony. In this I've done some photoshop work to show it in different angles .The first one is the original picture (2011 calender )which was my inspiration to do this painting and 2nd one shows its look before framing, 3rd one shows close up picture after framing and final 4th one shows the full framed view. Hope you all enjoy this ...

Rangoli: Vinayagar frame work


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Neatly done and presented Smile

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Beautiful painting radhika....very neatly done...

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perfect colour, neat sketch very very nice.

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Very very beautiful. Radhika, this art work has been gifted to you by God.


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wonderful , u r a gifted artist.

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wow superb...

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wonderful Radhika.very very nice gift to your aunty.-

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WOOOOOOOW Radhika maam this is so so fabulous, you are such a talented artist... hats off to u and what a wonderful thoughtful gift this is... the eyes of the Ganesha seem to smile and the photo looks so pretty and cute... I loved this... ur very gifted dear...

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dibbu Mam you can also call me as Radhikha and not Mam Im younger than you too..

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very beautifully drawn and coloured radhika mam,indeed a wonderful presentaion,loved it so much !

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Deepa Mam you can call me as radhikha and not mam Im younger than you .

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Such an excellent art work!! Great!

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hai radhika ....awesome!!!!-suguna murugesan

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wow...this is fabulous painting from you which looks so wonderful ...A really gifted artist you are!!!!

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Amazing Work Radhika!!!!! Hats off u....

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Perfect work. Yes Pushpa, I too sense the smiling eyes of Ganesha.

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture word to explain the divine beauty of Ganesh specially the coconuts look so real .congrats!

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fabulous wk radhika, no wrds to xpress ur perfection

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Fantabulous work radhika...........

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Thankyou so much for your encouraging comments..

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Very good painting to be given to a dear one on a suitable occasion. Your work is 99% close to the original!

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He He Fine I will call u Radhika but how do uknow u r younger to me pa? any guesses how much my age is?? he he guessing game started

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without your photo ho could I guess how much your age is?? but you are elder to me, I came to know this from vijima .whenever you call me as Mam, vijima will be tempting to say me as kuttiponnu but vijima did not say that to you..

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Amazing Work Radhika!

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Beautiful work. Nice painting and i just love the shading you have done to dhoti and fruits in the basket.