Vinayagar frame work

Radhikha 3 Sat, 02/05/2011 - 11:36

Very very beautiful. Radhika, this art work has been gifted to you by God. Mahalakshmi
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WOOOOOOOW Radhika maam this is so so fabulous, you are such a talented artist... hats off to u and what a wonderful thoughtful gift this is... the eyes of the Ganesha seem to smile and the photo looks so pretty and cute... I loved this... ur very gifted dear...
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wow...this is fabulous painting from you which looks so wonderful ...A really gifted artist you are!!!!
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Very good painting to be given to a dear one on a suitable occasion. Your work is 99% close to the original!
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He He Fine I will call u Radhika but how do uknow u r younger to me pa? any guesses how much my age is?? he he guessing game started
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Radhikha 3

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without your photo ho could I guess how much your age is?? but you are elder to me, I came to know this from vijima .whenever you call me as Mam, vijima will be tempting to say me as kuttiponnu but vijima did not say that to you..
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veena manigandan

Beautiful work. Nice painting and i just love the shading you have done to dhoti and fruits in the basket.
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