Valentine Day Wishes

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Hai Friends,Belated Valentine Day Wishes to one and all.This card designed by me,awaiting for your comments

Rangoli:  Valentine Day Wishes


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Looks nice. Thanks for giving us green roses. I'm yet to see one in person.

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nice card.

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Like all other valentine rangOlis, this too is also good. The reason why I am commenting is there is no green rose as such except in an artistic sense like the above. However, a rose with no petals but only sepals is also called a green rose. You may visit to know more about such a green rose.

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice card. In which format did you design this card ?

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Hi Sumathi,

You have decorated your heart beautifully. good.


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excellent colours

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lovely green roses sumathi

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What a lovely card Sumathi - so red and full of love - really nice Smile

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Thanxs friends for all the encouraging comments.Rao Sir will definetly go through the website mentioned by u.

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Sudha I used MSP to do the basic designing and arrangement and for the extra effects

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Lata I too have not seen a green rose ,but there is variety of hydrophyte plant which grows floating in water and looks like the green rose.We had this plant earlier but not now.

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Nice card with green rose. Of course, there is green rose Mohanaji. I have seen it in Ooty botanical garden as well as in Kolkata horticuture center. If possible i will try to photograph and upload it.

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WOW!! beautiful card!!lovely green roses ,vry well done keep it up Sumathi.,

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Hearty flowery kolam with full of love.I envy the green roses that could get placing near this red hearts

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All green roses for Rajamji,dedicated to u

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There is no pure green rose, as far as I know. Besides the one with sepals alone I mentioned, the succulent variety is sometimes called the "green rose". Once can see such green roses here:

Regards! - mOhana

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Somehow, for some reason it does not reproduce the blogspot url properly. I had this problem yesterday also for vidyAjI's blogspot. Let me try again before giving up

Regards! - mOhana

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I give up, the system introduces unnecessary smilies.

Regards! - mOhana

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Try this link to view the succulent "green rose".

Regards! - mOhana

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pretty nice card sumathiji, thank you.

mOhanaji, i feel they look like green lotus than rose...we had these oranmental plant, which used to grow very fast with our teapowder compost manure Smile

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Hearts and Roses for Valentine's Day. Nice card