Vaikunta Ekadasi

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I made this on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi. Dot count 24 x 8. Took me 4 hours.

Rangoli: Vaikunta Ekadasi


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OMG...I am going on seeing this beauty ....and have no words at all Brinda...such a flawless execution and 4hrs..whether u r tired or not I don't know...but...oh my I am fainting...

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beautiful Brinda, your 4 hour work is making us to see this beauty all thru 24 hours!. The design, drawing, coloring and decorations are neat, lovely and perfect to the core.

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Wow!!!!!!wonderful,brinda.Hats off...

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Brindha maam wooooooow such a splendid work, the coloring is so good as well as the shading, great work dear

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OMG!! This is just perfect!! Hats off to you mam!!!


oh such a fentastic work mam. thanks for sharing

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wow...stunning one....looks so perfect ...the design, colours, strokes all are excellent...

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Fantastic! Can't take my eyes off it. So beautiful. such patience has given us joy

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great work done by u brinda!beautiful kolam with bright colours

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I can't believe what my eyes are seeing...... I am going to have to come back again to this page to actually comment on this wonder rangoli as I am dumbstruck at the moment.... ba baba... bababa... ba ba....

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4 hrs appaadi. really u r patient and finally result shows

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Very good painting.
sorry kolam.

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brindha amazing creation...lovely colour match/strokes......different design has come out very very nice.looks like a colour full carpet..

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Great! Unique and outstanding work. Every part of the rangoli is done with great finesse.

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Woww!!!! Amazing.

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Amazing work Brindha maam..-Indira Sundar

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very pretty.....!!!!perfect kolam colours and design......!!!!!

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what a beautiful ,!!!!!!!!also the compliments you have received are really beautiful.

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Beauty! I have no words to describe this amazing piece of work! Wish I can manage this kind of neatness in my work and had this amount of patience to create this beauty!!!! Hats off to you ma'am! Keep up the lovely work!

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Oh did I forget to add...simply splendid, superb, mindblowing, awesome, eye-catching, fantabulous and amazing kolam? Well I think I missed out few words...hmmm maybe will come back and add them later.... Smile

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Really a grand display of colour and harmony! The centre colud have been drawn in such a way that it has four-fold symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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Simply superb and fantastic colour combination.

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very very nice kolam with attractive colors.

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Awesome!!! Striking Beauty, couldn't take off my eyes from the kolam.. The outer borders in white are the additional factors in beautifying the kolam.. I'm amazed by the uniform spreading of colors.. Fantastic work..

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wow superb kolam


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Iam speechless, the kolam, color, outer border, lovely, excellent....

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very nice one... but confusing with dots... pls tell me d detail

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nice one... pls tell me d dot count exactly its 24*8 with interlaced dots ah

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Neat................ What shall I say ?

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I feel like borrowing all the words from Padma's comment! Smile
Fabulous work on this dotted kolam Brinda! Even coloring and a neat finish. Smile

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brindha mam, i have no words to comment on this. Stunning beauty with neat colouring effect. Lovely presentation.


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hi brindha mam..i'm new to this site..ur kolams are all really awesome...i'm greatly inspired by ur freehand this kolam the color combin. is too gud...

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very beautiful kolam.

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கார்த்திகை தீபங்களும் , மார்கழி பூக்களும் சேர்ந்தன உங்கள் கோலத்தில் -எழில்
வண்ணங்களும் , உங்கள் எண்ணங்களும் நிறைந்தன எங்கள் நெஞ்சத்தில் -கை
வலியோடும், வண்ணங்களோடும் நீங்கள் போட்ட கோலம்
மண்ணோடும் , எங்கள் மனத்தோடும் நின்றாடும் கோலம் .

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So stunning and no words to explain the beauty of the kolam. Hats off for your patience and wonderful creation.

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Thanks every one for you encouragin comments. The dot count is exactly 24x8 straight.(24 dots 8 lines and reduce it to 8).

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How did i miss this one,superb kolam and very very very beautiful colouring and borders Brindha mam,so nice that i can't take my eyes off it !

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a feast to eyes..excellent

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Fantastic Rangoli with wonderful colors and superb execution. I am blown away by the neatness. I so wish some experts would share their secret here on how to get such neat lines and color fill Smile