ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this dotted kolam 23-9 times is specially made for our suba who has been encouraging us with her beautiful instant poems as comments.....friends... waiting for ur views....

Dotted kolam


Suguna Murugesan's picture

wow rani dear lovely treat!-suguna murugesan

P.Veni's picture

Wow!!!!wonderful dedication...

nithyaashok's picture

Marvellous kolam. Neatly drawn with lot of patience. I like it very much!

smahalakshmi's picture

Very very beautiful kolam Rani mam with kuzhal border.


Vinci's picture

I'm enjoying your dedication kolams Rani. The DK shows your love and affection to the person whom you admire a lot. Great work Rani. Of course DK are done with great care both in symmetry and neatness Smile
Suba, expecting your instant poem Smile

vasanthi's picture

wowwww rani mam lovely dedication for our loving friend suba....
kanivana thozhiku
kaigalal kolam varaindu
kangaluku virundu alitha
kolangalin rani ammavuku
kodi kodi vazthugal!!!

julien's picture

ammu mam beautiful big chikkkuuuuuuuuuu kolam.... magentha and blue dots and + point, border stroke nice one... nice gift to suba...

subashini's picture

A big O.Rani, what is this? I never expect, I got such a huge kolam as a gift .so nice of you Rani.you are reallly rani to gift others .what to say?I don't know how to thank you .Words are coming from my heart Rani, I never got a surprise gift from my child hood.Thank you so much Rani.
Inimaiyana thozhiyin,iLansivappu nira kolam
idhayamdhaan thottadhamma,imaigaldhaan nanaindhadhamma.
inimelum yenna solla, yezhuvittal poiyaagividumo?
idhayathil yezhudhiven indha naLai.
idhu pole thodarattum ,nam thizhamai,
ippadi nammai iNaiththa ikolaththukkum,
ikolaththai nadaththum, lata , manikkum
indha naLil yen idhayam kanindha nal vaLthukkalum, nandrigalum.
Thank you so much rani,and all friends.

sadana's picture

Very nice gift from very nice person good one ammu mam different dedication

vijaysowmya's picture

Another stunning beauty from you Rani. Very perfect and excellently executed kolam. Liked and admired your dedication series a lot and am wondering how many are left. Suba mam your kavithai is very good. Sure rani would be very happy.

subashini's picture

yeppadidhaan potteergalo, iththanai periya kolaththai,
idai vidaamal puLLi vaiththu , idai odiya nindreergalo,
vidaamal kolam pottu, viral sodukki nindreergalo,
ayaraamal pottapinbu, aduppadikku viraindheergalo,
thozhamaiyodu pottalum thozhgal valikkum dhaanay?
virumbidhaan pottalum viralgal valikkum dhaanay?
Naan nandri sonnadhu thappo?podum neram yenai ninaithu,keLadhapodum, yenai ninaiththu,...............yen iniya thozhikku, ingirundhey anuppugiren,yen idhayaththu, vazhthugaLayum, yen imaigalin kanneeraiyum, yen idhaLgalin muththathai aval viralgalukkum.

smahalakshmi's picture

Subashini mam,

Lovely poems from you. On reading the second one, i'm getting tears in my eyes. I could feel your happiness on receiving this dedication from Rani mam.


i enjoyed reading your poem too.


subashini's picture

yes, maha I got excitement.truly I am very happy to receive this as a gift.I want to tell one thing maha.pl call me suba.you are one my friend.aren't you?o.k.Feel free to call by name.

smahalakshmi's picture

Definitely I can call you by name since you are one of my freind, but still i thought i should respect for your age. If u want me call as suba, then i will surely do it from now onwards.


subashini's picture

Maha, Respect is not in words or it is not in how you call me.Friendship have no limitation.

ammuchandhini's picture

Aahh...what is this suba dear....u r making me cry literally now...all ur words r so close to my heart....actually when i selected this kolam on saturday ...my hubby insisted me to try one of ur ps kolams only...but i thought d amount of strain u and jkm sir undergo to do a ps kolam(I can't hold d mouse for more than five secs...my fingers start aching), this is nothing when compared to that....happy to see u happy....thanks a tonne FRIENDS for ur sweet comments.....thanks again...hey vasanthi u too becoming one kutty suba...haha

viji_j86's picture

KuzalRani is making us excited by her excellent kolam and Subashine by her excellent poem and
you too Vasanthi???????????????????

Padma Prakash's picture

Wonderful gift and a wonderful kolam RAni.

Anisha Raghunath's picture

wow very beautiful kolam with kuzal border......

bsindhuja's picture

Grand and beautiful... kavignarukku kola kavidhai parisu!! (A lovely poem-in-kolam gifted by one poet to another!!) Subashini's poems are made of words..... Ms.Rani's poems are made of kolams..... Smile

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Yes sindu i completely agree with u .Both r poets but the language is different .Suba is very happy to receive such a sweat, beaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutuful gift from my bossyes na ?. Ammu rani “HATS OFF TO YOU!” What a great kolam dear .Suba ,vasanthi one small request pl.pl. translate this poems in English or kannada so that i can enjoy with u .At least i could understand vasanthi's poem little bit though not 100%.but suba it is very difficult. it goes above my brainless head

BharathiKRaman's picture

very beautiful sikku kolam with bright kuzhal borders. show how much u love kolams. One more to my MIL'.s collection. Subha maam ur poems are very nice.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u viji mam, padma, anisha, sindhu, rekha mam and bharathy amma for ur sweet comments...

subashini's picture

Rekha madam, Here is my approximate translation of my poem about Rani's gift to me.I am afraid after reading this you may scold yourself that why I ask her to translate .all are fate .what can I do?
The light red kolam drawn by my sweet friend,
touch my heart ,and my eyes were filled with tears
what else to say?If I write this, it will be turn to false feeling.
let our friendship,be continue,
my sincere thanks to Lata and mani who gave this opportunity
and attached us through I kolam.

lakshmiraghu's picture

wonderful dedication.

rajamma_2's picture

Rani, u have a very generous heart to gift Suba with such a BIG and BEAUTIFUL kolam.
Suba ezhudhuvadhu, Idhayam solla kaigal kaagidhaththil varaindha kavidhai,
Rani ezhaiththadhu manadhil ninaiththu kaigal tharayil varaindha oviyam!

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Suba infact I am grateful to u for taking the pain to translate ur heart touchy poem for me .Indeed this poem is very good and worth reading .I would love to read all ur short poems .And yes as rightly said we should thank our Lata and her hero(Hubby ) for giving such a nice platform to exhibit our creativity;and more than that for giving such a beautiful, nice friends from all over the world .We get so much of knowledge from our guide Rao sir .day before yesterday I have opened the corner pictures and understood how much pain our lata takes in teaching us the original kolam ,to preserve our traditional wealth. HATS OFF TO HER .After joining the ikolam I learnt a lot about our festivals and celebrations .Wish our ikolam should appear in guines book of record one day.
Once agin thank u,lata ,Rao sir ,big tom(our maharani) and other toms and friends

jayamohan's picture

Rani, Ippadiyellama sweet-shock kudukkaradhu?Suba emotional aaittanga paaru!

Lata's picture

What a beautifully made chikku kolam. Lovely colors.
I had missed reading all of this until now. It is so nice to know about how much the friendship has grown so far! Smile
Before I too get emotional, let me quickly post a topic for someone who is looking for a kolam demo in Malaysia.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u suba for d translation, laksh, rajamma mam, rekha mam, jaya mam and lata(happy to see u after a short break) for ur sweet comments...thanks again...