Uruli pookalam

rajamma_2 Thu, 09/03/2009 - 08:58

Rajam, If Iam correct, this 'vazhathandu' lamp is a speciality of Tirunelveli! In kerala lamps you will find rings on the stem! Is this your Onam special alankaram?
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The arrangement is quite beautiful. Yes, deepastambham mahAScharyam! What are the small pratimas by the side of the lamp? annapUrNA? There is a vrata for gauri too with deepastambham which actually coincides with the so-called worship of husband pUjA (who but an insane woman worships a husband nowadays?!:-) Regards! - mOhana
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mOhanaji yes we use to do deepastambha pooja or bheemana amavasya..yes we have come across with many families in Chennai perofrming this, I know lot of people at Bangalore also doing this pooja.. I was born and studied at Kuppam , Chittor dist , A.P. where I have seen this pooja cleberated . Trust this falls on MONTH OF - ASHADA.
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Rajamma this looks so nice, especially the kutty border for the urli and the cute little kolam on that stand (what is it called??)
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Rajam ma'am what is that stand called its cute.your kolam simply super!krishna idol is very nice.
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Rajamma ma'am the floral decoration is good and as usual the kolam on the small plank in front is beautiful as well... this shows the job of a master in this field... with such a small space the wonders done by you... using the small space you have done full justice with the small and simple kolam in an elegant way using the pleasant color combination... very beautiful ma'am.
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Rajam madam, I'll be publishing your idol picture in the Cafe area later in the week. Hope it is ok with you. :) I think it was Anirudhji's request (to see the idol in a bigger size), if I remember it right.
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உருளி அலங்காரத்துக்கு மஞ்சள் பூ கிடைத்துவிட்டதா மேடம் .எல்லாமே அழகு கொஞ்சும் அலங்காரம் . Looks like you were able to find yellow flowers for the uruli decorations. All the decorations are beautiful.
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mOhanaji, the two Prathimas are only lamps called 'Kaivilakku'. we light this lamp daily. You can have a closure lookin the picture in cafe topics..' Kaalinga Nardhanam' . My mother had a bigger lamp of this type which my sister is having now. And I could get this from a shop selling old art pieces in Kerala.one lamp I got it first and after searching for nearly 3 years I got its Jody in the same shop!
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I can't believe it! I had this question in my mind for a long time. It is about Garage sales. For people who aren't aware of it; Garage sales in nothing but people selling old items for prices that could be bargained ( it is called Garage sales here in the US). Sales consists of some new items (any and all products, from unopened stationary kits, to big ticketed items like cars and such). Antique pieces are found too. I used to wonder if people living in India bought old brass idols or items that are auspicious, such as puja plates/containers like "chombu/sombu" (little pots/mugs). I was going to start a topic in the Cafe, but it got started here. :) The reason why I ask is, there are people like my grandma who do not like to buy old idols, which in my opinion is "missing all the good old stuff" :) My grandma and mom do not prefer to buy old pieces of jewelry too. Any thoughts on that, please share them either here, or in cafe, in your spare time. :)
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