Tulasi kolam

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About Tulasi kolam:

The Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum or the Holy basil) which has several medicinal properties is considered to be a holy plant, by many hindus. The courtyard of every hindu household in India is supposed to have a planter in which Tulasi is grown, and is worshiped everyday. Tulsi leaves are part of the offerings used for Vishnu puja.
Please click on the blue button at the bottom of the dot-grid to start the animation.

Dotted kolam
tulsi vivah


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Have been referred by friend for rangoli request

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Waw!!! The kolam animation is very good.

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The kolam animation is very good latha.

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hai mam i've been searching for a thulasi neli kolam for so long thanx for this kolam with luv

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Wow...lata...remembering last year when i felt so happy after seeing this tulasi sikku kolam which i tried on a saturday too....lovely animation dear...:)

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Wow Lata looks so pretty especially with the vibuthi and kumkum, nice one dear Angel

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I like this kolam. I am going to practice it and get hand on this lovely thulasi neli kolam. I never draw siku kolam becoz i never practiced this type of kolam. Only free hand or dotted kolam.
Lata, many thanks for the animation.

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wow..superb lata. I dont know that much sikku kolams. I am going to start from ur beginner tutorial today..thank you